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Our future success is dependent on how quickly we are able to adapt to the marketplace and the specific demands of our clients. To that end, World Class Advisors is dedicated to the principles and benefits of advisors following the Holistic model in their wealth management and financial planning practice.

The Need
93% of all affluent clients want holistic planning. Period.

In addition to expecting a remarkable client experience and comprehensive service, consumers are beginning to demand that advisors have the available resources to assist in all areas of their financial lives. The days of the “transactional” advisor are gone, opening the door of lasting success for advisors able to counsel in the areas of investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, insurance planning, and estate planning. The Holistic advisor is positioned to transcend the limits of sitting across the table as salesperson -- by sitting next to the client as their trusted advisor in all financial matters.

The Reality
What stops most financial advisors from greatness is doing business the same way over and over, year after year, and expecting to grow their business. The solution for lasting success is to stretch beyond our comfort zone, and recommit to meeting the needs of our clients by being their trusted advisor. Experience shows why only 6.6% of all financial advisors offer holistic planning, and it has nothing to do with how educated or financially sophisticated they are. Most, simply, don’t have the time, energy, or resources to effectively run, manage, and build their own holistic Wealth Management firm -- a firm that is capable of meeting the demands of affluent clients.

The Solution
World Class Advisors is aimed at encouraging advisors being advisors, and eliminate the burdens and disruption of entrepreneurship they never bargained for. An advisor’s most important activity is getting in front of clients and prospects – not working the back office. Most advisors got into this business because they are good at, and enjoy working with people one on one. The more people they can meet, advise, and help, the more successful they will become. However, with so many other things needing to be done that gets in their way, take up valuable time, many independent advisors never have the opportunity to achieve their goals for growth.

Productive advisors know it’s difficult to do great things alone, and studies confirm significant returns from doubling the time spent working with clients is not a simple one to one ratio. By eliminating, delegating and systemizing non-productive business diversions, advisors are able to liberate valuable time to see more people – and, many times, that additional time can result in tripling their overall production – sometimes even more. Partnering with an elite practice management firm is one of the most effective solutions for those advisors looking to take their practice to the next level.

Welcome to World Class Advisors.

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Our mission is to serve as a trusted industry resource, dedicated to mentoring advisors in doing what they do best. I am committed to exploring the WHY behind the HOW, and believe that understanding the WHY is essential to our sustained growth and success. World Class Advice for World Class Advisors is not a slogan, it is our passion.

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Life Insurance Brokerage

World Class Advisors is pleased to make available a number of Life Specialists dedicated to working together with independent advisors. Success and experience teaches that we cannot do great things alone, and our specialists allow advisors to be positioned on the client’s side of the table as their trusted advisor.

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