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An important difference between financial planning firms are the deliverables.  Successful marketing strategies get prospects in the door, but maintaining a lifelong relationship with clients requires an ability to provide deliverables on a consistent basis – keeping each element of a solid financial plan up to date.  Consistent and continual follow-up keeps a great plan focused and productive, and reassures the client that what needs to be done on their behalf is foremost in our minds.

When it comes to meeting with a financial planner, many prospects find themselves overwhelmed with the process, tend to procrastinate, and promise to get around to it tomorrow. This is exactly  why approximately 70% of the population does not have a will, and don’t take the time and energy required to get a second and third opinion on their financial health.  This fundamental truth is where World Class Advisors sees a win/win opportunity for insurance agents and advisors.

April 15th is the reason why Certified Public Accounts have a positive and very proactive relationship with their clients, and why some are now looking to position themselves in the disciplines of tax and estate planning. Branching out from Tax Preparation to Tax Planning, in the eyes of a client, isn’t an unreasonable association. However, because of their initial relationship, many CPAs find it difficult to sit next to a client as a trusted financial advisor. We have all seen wills and trusts that are in force without being properly funded, because they were established for “tax purposes” and not long-term planning.

“Times are tough,” is not in our vocabulary. We see opportunities at every turn for the advisor focused on deliverables.

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Research by CEG Worldwide shows that advisors using a true wealth management business model outperform their peers across major metrics. Here's a look at the success these planners are enjoying-and steps they're taking to build better businesses. Many advisors advertise themselves as wealth managers. But offering real wealth management takes more than changing the title on your business card. Consider that among the 2,094 financial advisors surveyed by CEG Worldwide last year, only 6.6% qualify as true wealth managers under their parameters. The rest-93.4%-continue to operate using the traditional investment generalist business model.

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